Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do


Below is the knowledge required for testing for a 3rd Geup High Blue Belt:


The pattern history, pattern diagram, and number of movements for the pattern Jung-Geun


The ten parts of student's responsibility with regard to Student-Instructor Relationship;

1       Never tire of learning.  A good student can learn anytime, anywhere.  This is the secret of knowledge.

2       A good student must be willing to sacrifice for his art and his instructor.  Many students feel their training is a commodity that is bought with monthly dues and they are unwilling to take part in demonstrations, teaching and working around the do-jang.  An instructor can afford to lose this type of student.

3       Always set a good example for lower ranking students.  It is only natural they will attempt to emulate their seniors.

4       Always be loyal and never criticize the instructor, the art of Taekwon-Do, or the teaching methods.

5       If an instructor teaches a technique, practice and attempt to utilize it.

6       Remember that a student's conduct outside the do-jang reflects on the art and his instructor.

7       If a student adopts a technique from another gym and the instructor disapproves of it, the student must discard it immediately or train at the other gym.

8       Never be disrespectful to the instructor.  Though a student is allowed to disagree, the student must follow instructions first and discuss the matter later.

9       A student must always be eager to learn and ask questions.

10     Never betray a trust.


The characteristics of a Close Ready Stance Type B (Mo-a Jun-bi Seo-gi  B);


The characteristics of a Rear-Foot Stance (Dwit-bal Seo-gi);


The characteristics of a Low Stance (Nat-chweo Seo-gi);




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