Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do


Below is the knowledge required for testing for a 5th Geup High Green Belt:

The pattern history, pattern diagram, and number of movements for the pattern Weon-Hyo


A vocabulary of at least twenty-four (24) Korean words used in class;
      Attention                    cha-ryeot
      At Ease                     swi-eot
      Bow or Salute           gyeong-nye
      Ready Position         jun-bi
      Sit or Kneel              an-jeo
      Meditate                   mung-nyeom
      Return to Ready       ba-ro
      Begin                       si-jak
      Finished                   hae-san
      Stop                         geu-man
      Yell                           gi-hap
      Face the Flag           guk-gi-e dae-ha-yeo
      Thank You                go-map seum-ni-da
      Turn Around              dwi-ro do-ra
      Gymnasium              do-jang
      Uniform                    do-bok
      Vice-Instructor          bu-sa-beom (1st-3rd Dan)
      Instructor                  sa-beom (4th-6th Dan)
      Master Instructor      sa-hyeon (7th-8th Dan)
      Grand Master           sa-seong (9th Dan)
      Instructor Sir            sa-beom nim
      Degree                    Dan
      Grade                      Geup
      Pattern                    teul

The eight (8) examples of Poor Integrity as listed in General Choi's Encyclopedia;
      1     The instructor who misrepresents himself and his art by presenting improper techniques 
                  to his students because of a lack of knowledge or apathy
      2     The student who misrepresents himself by "fixing" breaking materials before demonstrations
      3     The instructor who camouflages bad techniques with luxurious
                   training halls and false flattery to his students
      4     The student who requests rank from an instructor, or attempts to purchase it
      5     The student who gains rank for ego purposes or the feeling of power 
      6     The instructor who teaches and promotes his art for materialistic gains
      7     The student whose actions do not live up to his words
      8     The student who feels ashamed to seek opinions from his juniors 


The Characteristics of a Close Stance (mo-a seo-gi)


The Characteristics of a Close Ready Stance type A (mo-a jun-bi seo-gi  A)


The Characteristics of a Fixed Stance (go-jeong seo-gi)

The Characteristics of a 
Bending Stance (gu-bu-ryeo seo-gi)


The Characteristics of a Bending Ready Stance type A (gu-bu-ryeo jun-bi seo-gi  A)


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