Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do


Below is a list of stances identified by General Choi Hong-Hi for the art of Taekwon-Do.  Below are links to web pages for obtaining specific details on individual stances including, width, length, weight distribution, hand and knee positions, a diagram of the position of the feet, and the pronunciation of the stance name in Korean.  To view details concerning a particular stance, click on the appropriate stance name indicated below.

Attention Stance


Bending Stance


Bending Ready Stance Type A


Bending Ready Stance Type B


Bowing Posture


Close Stance


Close Ready Stance Type A


Close Ready Stance Type B


Close Ready Stance Type C


Close Ready Stance Type D


Close Stance with a Heaven Hand


Crouched Stance


Diagonal Stance


Fixed Stance


Inner Open Stance


Inner Open Ready Stance




L-Ready Stance


Low Stance


One-Leg Stance


Outer Open Stance


Outer Open Ready Stance


Parallel Stance


Parallel Ready Stance


Parallel Stance with a Heaven Hand


Parallel Stance with an Overlapped Backhand


Parallel Stance with a Twin Side Elbow


Parallel Stance with an X-Backhand


Rear Foot Stance


Sitting Stance


Sitting Ready Stance


Vertical Stance


Walking Stance


Walking Ready Stance


Warrior Ready Stance Type A


Warrior Ready Stance Type B




X-Ready Stance






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