Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do


Below is the knowledge required for testing for an 8th Geup Yellow Belt:

The pattern history, pattern diagram, and number of movements for the pattern Cheon-Ji


The meaning of the color of Yellow Belt


The literal translation of Taekwon-Do; 

           Tae - Jumping, flying, to kick or smash with the foot.

Kwon - Fist, to punch, or to destroy with hand or fist.

Do - Art or way.

Tae-kwon-Do - The mental training and techniques of unarmed combat for 
                      self defense as well as health. It involves the skilled application of 
                      punches, kicks, blocks and dodges with bare hands and feet for the 
                      rapid destruction of a moving opponent or opponents.

The name of the Father of Taekwon-Do and his rank; 

The Father of Taekwon-Do is the late General Choi Hong-Hi, 
                      9th Degree Black Belt, and Grand Master.

The Belt (Geup and Dan) Ranking System;

           There are six colors of belts; White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Black
They are divided into 10 grade levels of colored belts called Geups,
            with 10th Geup (White Belt) being the lowest and 1st Geup (High Red Belt)
            being the highest.
There are 9 degrees of Black Belt with 1st Dan being the 
           lowest and 9th Dan being the highest.

The characteristics of a Parallel Stance (
Na-ran-hi Seo-gi)

The characteristics of a Walking Stance (Geon-neun Seo-gi).

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