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The pronunciation of Korean words (i.e., pattern names, commands, etc.) often seems difficult.  Part of this difficulty is in establishing sounds in the English language which correspond to Korean vowels and consonants.  This web page and the two pages linked below [Korean-English Dictionary and English-Korean Dictionary] contain many Korean words in their Romanized form which are often used in Taekwon-Do classes.  The lack of a direct correlation between many of the Korean Han-Geul characters and the English alphabet has made the Romanization of Korean words a varied and controversial issue over the years.  During most of the last century, the Romanization of Korean words was often carried out using the McCune-Reischauer transliteration method.  In 2000, the South Korean Government established a standard method for this transliteration.  This method has been used in all of the dictionary entries contained on this website, with the exception of most proper names and a few commonly accepted terms used in Taekwon-Do since its inception.  For more a detailed discussion concerning this subject, and a complete list of Korean words used in the various forms of the art of Taekwon-Do, please refer to “A Martial Artist’s Guide to Korean Terms, Translation, and Han-Gul”  (ISBN 1-884583-00-8).

To aid in the pronunciation of Korean words several characters of interest such as “eo”,“eu”,“pp”,“ss”,“ch”, “kk”, “tch”, “tt”, etc. are listed at the bottom of this page.

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The English to Korean Dictionary


Abdomen                                                   bok-bu

About Face                                               dwi  do-ra   or 

                                                                        dwi-ro  do-ra

Achilles Heel                                             dwi-chuk  yak-jeom

Achilles Tendon                                        dwi-chuk  him-jul

Achilles Tendon  [back tibia]                    dwit  gyeong-gol

Actions                                                        dong-jak

Adam's Apple                                             gyeol-hu

Again                                                           da-si

Air Shield                                                    gong-gi  bang-pae

Ancient Kingdoms of Korea                     Go-gu-ryeo,  Baek-je,  and  Sil-la

Angle Fingertip                                           ho-mi  son-kkeut

Angle of the Mandible  [upper jaw]            wit  teok

Angle Punch                                                 gi-yeok-ja  jji-reu-gi

Ankle                                                             bal-mok

Ankle Joint                                                   bal-mok  gwan-jeol

Arc Hand                                                      ban-dal-son

Arc-hand Rising Block                                ban-dal-son  chu-kyeo  mak-gi

Arm                                                               pal

Armpit                                                           gyeo-deu-rang-i

Art                                                                 Do  [Sino-Korean]

Artery                                                            dong-maek

Assistant Instructor                                      bu-sa-beom

Assistant Instructor Sir                                bu-sa-beom-nim

At Ease                                                        swi-eot

Attack                                                           gong-gyeok

Attack Techniques                                      gong-gyeok-gi

Attacking Tools                                           gong-gyeok  bu-wi

Attention                                                       cha-ryeot

Attention Stance                                          cha-ryeot seo-gi



Back                                                             dwi,  dwit,  or 


Back Elbow                                                 dwit  pal-gup

Back Elbow Strike                                      dwit  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Back Elbow Thrust                                      dwit  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Backfist                                                        deung  ju-meok

Backfist Strike                                             deung  ju-meok  ttae-ri-gi

Backhand                                                     son-deung

Back Heel                                                     bal  dwi-chuk,  or 


Back Kick                                                     dwit  cha-gi

Back Leg                                                      dwit-da-ri

Back of Forearm  [at the wrist]                   deung  pal-mok

Back Piercing Kick                                      dwit  cha-jji-reu-gi

Back Pushing Kick                                      dwit  cha-mil-gi

Back Snap Kick  [smashing]                      dwit  cha-bu-su-gi

Back Sole [heel area of the foot]                dwi-kkum-chi  or 


Back Strike                                                   dwi  ttae-ri-gi

Back Tibia  [Achilles tendon area]             dwit  gyeong-gol

Backward Double Step-Turning                 dwi-ro  i-bo  om-gyeo  di-di-myeo  dol-gi

Backward Sliding Punch                             mi-kkeu-reum-bal-lo  jji-reu-myeo  deu-reo-o-gi

Backward Stepping                                     deu-reo  o-gi

Backward Step-Turning                               dwi-ro  om-gyeo  di-di-myeo  dol-gi

Back Wrist Artery                                         deung  son-mok  dong-maek

Baekje Dynasty                                            Baek-je  si-dae  (18 B.C. - 663 A.D.)

                                                                            (old spelling prior to 2000 was  Paek-je  si-dae)

Balance                                                         jung-sim

Ball of the Foot                                             ap- kkum-chi

Base of Knifehand                                       son-kal  ba-tang

Basic - Basic Foundation                           gi-bon

Basic Three-Step Sparring                        gi-bon  sam-bo  mat-seo-gi

   without a Partner

Bayonet                                                        chong-geom

Bear Hand                                                    gom-son

Begin                                                             si-jak

Beginning Black Belt                                   cheot-dan

Belt                                                                tti

Belt Color                                                      tti  saek

Bending Ready Stance                               gu-bu-ryeo jun-bi seo-gi

Bending Stance                                           gu-bu-ryeo seo-gi

Black Belt                                                     geo-meun  tti

Black Color                                                   geo-meun  saek

Block  or  Blocking                                       mak-gi

Block - Backward Stepping                        ma-geu-myeo  deu-reo  o-gi

Block - Forward Stepping                           ma-geu-myeo  na-ga-gi

Blocking Apparatus                                     mak-gi  dae

Blocking Tools                                              mak-gi  bu-wi

Blue Belt                                                        pu-reun  tti

Blue Belt with a Red Stripe                         pu-reun  tti-e  ppal-gan  seon

Blue Color                                                     pu-reun saek

Body                                                              mom

Body Dropping                                             mom  nat-chu-gi

Body - Middle Part                                       mom-tong  bu-wi

Bone                                                              ppyeo  or 

                                                                              gol  [Sino-Korean]

Bout                                                               gyeo-ru-gi  or 


Bow  [salute]                                                 gyeong-nye

Bowing Posture                                            gyeong-nye ja-se

Bow Wrist                                                     son-mok  deung

Bow Wrist Block                                           son-mok  deung  mak-gi

Brachial Plexus                                             sang-wan  sin-gyeong

Break  [separate the fighters]                      gal-lyeo

Breaking                                                        gyeok-pa-gi

Breath Control                                               ho-heup  jo-jeol

Breathing                                                       ho-heup

Bridge of the Nose                                        mi-gan



Calisthenics                                                  do-su  dal-lyeon

Center of Gravity                                          jung-nyeok  jung-sim

Certain Victory                                             pil-seung

Certificate                                                     ja-gyeok-jeung

Cervical Bundle                                            gyeong-bu

Cervical Vertebrae                                       geong-gol

Change Direction                                         bang-hyang  ba-kku-gi

Chang Mu Kwan                                           Chang-Mu Kwan

                                                                               [Korean Martial Art] 


Checking                                                      meom-chu-gi

Checking Block                                            meom-chwo  mak-gi

Checking Kick                                              cha-meom-chu-gi

Cheek Bone                                                  gwang-dae  ppyeo

Cheong Do Kwan                                         Cheong-Do Kwan

                                                                                [Korean Martial Art]


Chest                                                              ga-seum

Chin                                                                teok

Chin-up                                                          teok-geo-ri

Choi Hong Hi, General                                Choi  Hong  Hi,  Jang-gun

                                                                               [Father of Taekwon-Do]


Choson Dynasty                                           Jo-seon  si-dae  (1392 - 1910)

   (old spelling prior to 2000)

Chung Mu Kwan                                           Chung-Mu Kwan

                                                                               [Korean Martial Art]


Circular Block                                               dol-li-myeo  mak-gi

Classification of Instructor                           sa-beom  bu-ryu

Classification of Umpire                              sim-pan  bu-ryu

Clavicle                                                          swae-gol

Clockwise Turn                                             o-reun-jjok-eu-ro  do-neun

Close Ready Stance                                    mo-a jun-bi seo-gi

Close Stance                                                mo-a seo-gi

Close Stance with a Heaven Hand            mo-a seo ha-neul-son

Club  [weapon]                                             gon-bong

Coccyx                                                          mi-gol

Cold Showers and Baths                            naeng-su  ma-chal

Combination                                                 hon-hap

Combination Attack                                     hon-hap  gong-gyeok

Combination Kick                                        hon-hap  cha-gi

Commence                                                   si-jak

Competition                                                  gyeong-gi

Composition                                                 gu-seong

Concentration                                               gi-hap  or 


Connecting Motion                                       i-eo-jin  dong-jak

Consecutive Attack                                      yeon-sok  gong-gyeok

Consecutive Kick  [continuous]                   yeon-sok  cha-gi

Continue                                                        gye-sok

Continuous                                                    yeon-sok

Continuous Motion                                       yeon-sok  dong-jak

Continuous Semi-Free Step-Sparring      yeon-sok  ban-ja-yu  mat-seo-gi

Correct                                                         o-reum

Counter Attack                                             ban-gyeok

Counter Clockwise Turn                              oen-jjok-eu-ro  do-neun

Counter Kick                                                 ba-da  cha-gi

Courtesy                                                        ye-eui

Covering                                                       ga-ri-u-gi

Crescent Kick                                               ban-dal  cha-gi

Crescent Punch                                            ban-dal  jji-reu-gi

Crescent Strike                                             ban-dal  ttae-ri-gi

Cross-Cut                                                     geut-gi

Crossing                                                       kko-gi

Crouched Stance                                         o-geu-ryeo seo-gi



Dagger                                                        dan-do

Defense                                                       bang-eo

Defense Against a Bayonet                      dae  chong-geom

Defense Against a Club                            dae  gon-bong

Defense Against a Dagger                       dae  dan-do

Defense Against a Pistol                           dae  gweon-chong

Defense Against a Pole                             dae  mong-dung-i

Defense Against a Sudden Attack           dae  bur-i gong-gyeok

Defense Against an Armed Opponent     dae  mu-gi

Defensive Techniques                                bang-eo-gi

Degree - Black Belt Ranking                     Dan

Degree Certificate                                      dan-jeung

Demonstration                                             si-beom

Diagonal Stance                                          sa-seon seo-gi

Dismissed                                                    hae-san

Disqualification                                            sil-gyeok

Dodging                                                        pi-ha-gi

Dodging Attack                                            pi-ha-myeo  gong-gyeok

Dodging Kick                                               pi-ha-myeo  cha-gi

Dodging Punch                                            pi-ha-myeo  jji-reu-gi

Dodging Strike                                             pi-ha-myeo  ttae-ri-gi

Dodging Technique                                     pi-ha-myeo  gi-sul

Dodging Thrust                                             pi-ha-myeo  ttul-gi

Double Arc-hand Block                               du-ban-dal-son  mak-gi

Double Attack                                               i-jung  gong-gyeok

Double Backhand                                        du-son-deung

Double Finger                                              du-son-ga-rak

Double Finger Spear                                  du-son-ga-rak  ttul-gi

Double Finger Spear                                  ga-wi  son-kkeut

Double Fist Punch                                       du-ju-meok  jji-reu-gi

Double Forearm                                          du-pal-mok

Double Forearm Block                               du-pal-mok  mak-gi

Double Front Snap Kick  [smashing]        i-jung  ap  cha-bu-su-gi

Double Kick                                                 i-jung  cha-gi

Double Side Elbow                                     du  yeop  pal-gup

Double Side Elbow Thrust                          du  yeop  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Double Stepping                                          i-bo  om-gyeo  di-di-gi

Double Stepping Turn                                  i-bo  om-gyeo  di-di-myeo dol-gi

Double Strike                                                i-jung  ttae-ri-gi

Downward                                                     nae-ryeo

Downward Block                                          nae-ryeo  mak-gi

Downward Kick                                            nae-ryeo  cha-gi

Downward Punch                                         nae-ryeo  jji-reu-gi

Downward Strike                                          nae-ryeo  ttae-ri-gi

Downward Thrust                                         nae-ryeo  ttul-gi

Downward X-Block                                      nae-ryeo  gyo-cha  mak-gi

Downward X-Fist Block                               nae-ryeo  gyo-cha  ju-meok  mak-gi

Downward X-Knifehand Block                    nae-ryeo  gyo-cha  son-kal  mak-gi

Drawing the Feet together                           mo-deum-bal

Ducking                                                          nat-chu-gi

Dynamic Stability                                          dong-jeok  an-jeong

Dynasty                                                          si-dae



Ear                                                                 gwi

Edge of the Foot                                          bal-lal

Edge of the Hand                                         son-nal 

                                                                               [see hand-blade or Knifehand]

Eight                                                               yeo-deol  [Native Korean] or 

                                                                               pal  [Sino-Korean]

Eight-Diagrams                                            pal-gwae

Eighth                                                            yeo-deol-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                               je-pal  [Sino-Korean]

Eighth Degree Black Belt                           pal-dan

Eighth Geup Pattern                                    Dan-Gun teul

Eighth Grade  [Low Yellow Belt]                 pal-geup

Elbow  [bottom]                                            pal-gup

Elbow  [general area]                                  pal-kkum-chi

Elbow Downward Strike                             pal-gup  nae-ryeo  ttae-ri-gi

Elbow Downward Thrust                             pal-gup  nae-ryeo  ttul-gi

Elbow Joint                                                   pal-gup  gwan-jeol

Elbow Strike                                                 pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

End                                                                kkeut

Equilibrium                                                   gyun-hyeong

Equipment                                                    jang-bi

Eternity                                                          tae-geuk

Etiquette                                                       ye-jeol

Excuse me .                                                 Sil-lye   ham-ni-da .

Exercise                                                        un-dong

Exercises                                                      yeon-seup

Extremities                                                    pal-gwa-da-ri

Eye                                                                 nun

Eye  [region]                                                  an-bu

Eyeball                                                           an-gu



Face                                                              eol-gul

Face Area                                                    an-myeon  [Sino-Korean]

Face Parts                                                   eol-gul  bu-wi

Face the (National) Flag                             guk-gi-e  dae-ha-yeo

Face the Instructor                                       sa-beom-nim  kke

Fake  or  Faking                                          so-gim

Fall  or  Falling                                             tteo-reo-ji-gi

Fast Motion                                                  ppa-reun  dong-jak

Federation                                                   yeon-maeng

Femur                                                          dae-toe-gol

Fibula                                                           bi-gol

Fifth Dan Pattern                                         Se-Jong teul

Fifth Dan Pattern                                         Seo-San teul

Fifth Degree Black Belt                              o-dan

Fifth Geup Pattern                                       Yul-Gok teul

Fifth Grade  [High Green Belt]                    o-geup

Fine, and how are you? (formal)                 Ye  an-nyeong  ha-sim-ni-kka ?

Fine, and how are you? (informal)              Ye  an-nyeong  ha-se-yo ?

Finger Belly  [bottom]                                   son-ga-rak  ba-dak

Finger Joint                                                   son-ga-rak  gwan-jeol

Finger Pincers                                              jip-ge-son

Fingertip                                                        son-kkeut

First                                                               cheot-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                               je-il  [Sino-Korean]

First Dan Pattern                                         Gye-Baek teul

First Dan Pattern                                         Gwang-Gae teul

First Dan Pattern                                         Po-Eun teul

First Degree Black Belt                              il-dan

First Geup Pattern                                       Chung-Mu teul

First Grade  [High Red Belt]                       il-geup

Fist                                                                ju-meok  or

                                                                              gweon [Sino-Korean]

Five                                                               da-seot  [Native Korean]  or  

                                                                             o  [Sino-Korean]

Fixed Stance                                                go-jeong  seo-gi

Flag  [National]                                             guk-gi

Flank                                                             yeop-gu-ri

Flat Fingertip                                                eo-peun  son-kkeut

Flexibility                                                      sin-chuk

Floating Rib                                                 yu-ri  neuk-gol  [Sino-Korean]

Flying  [jumping]                                          ttwi-gi

Flying Combination Attack  [jumping]       ttwi-myeo  hon-hap  gong-gyeok

Flying Combination Kick  [jumping]          ttwi-myeo  hon-hap  cha-gi

Flying Consecutive Attack  [jumping]        ttwi-myeo  yeon-sok  gong-gyeok

Flying Consecutive Kick  [jumping]           ttwi-myeo  yeon-sok  cha-gi

Flying Consecutive Punch  [jumping]        ttwi-myeo  yeon-sok jji-reu-gi

Flying Consecutive Strike  [jumping]         ttwi-myeo  yeon-sok  ttae-ri-gi

Flying Consecutive Thrust  [jumping]         ttwi-myeo  yeon-sok  ttul-gi

Flying Double Attack  [jumping]                  ttwi-myeo  i-jung  gong-gyeok

Flying Double Foot Side                             ttwi-myeo du-bal yeop cha-mil-gi

     Pushing Kick  [jumping]

Flying Front and Twisting                            ttwi-myeo  ap  cha-go 

      Kick  [jumping]                                                bi-teu-reo  cha-gi

Flying Kick  [jumping]                                   ttwi-myeo  cha-gi

Flying Overhead Kick  [jumping]                 ttwi-myeo  neo-meo  cha-gi

Flying Overhead Punch  [jumping]              ttwi-myeo  neo-meo  jji-reu-gi

Flying Punch  [jumping]                                ttwi-myeo  jji-reu-gi

Flying Scissors-Shape Kick  [jumping]      ttwi-myeo  ga-wi  cha-gi

Flying Spiral Kick  [jumping]                        ttwi-myeo  ra-seon-sik  cha-gi

Flying Strike  [jumping]                                 ttwi-myeo  ttae-ri-gi

Flying Techniques  [jumping]                       ttwi-myeo  gi-sul

Flying Thrust  [jumping]                                 ttwi-myeo  ttul-gi

Flying to Evade                                              ttwi-gi

Flying Triple Attack  [jumping]                      ttwi-myeo  sam-jung  gong-gyeok

Flying Twisting Kick  [jumping]                     ttwi-myeo  bi-teu-reo  cha-gi

Focus Point                                                   cho-jeom

Focus Shield                                                 cho-jeom  bang-pae

Foot                                                                bal   or  

                                                                                tae  [Sino-Korean]

Foot Back Sole  [heel]                                  bal  dwi-kkum-chi


Foot-Fist-Way                                               Tae-kwon-Do 

                                                                                [Korean martial art]

Foot Lifting                                                     bal  deul-gi

Foot Parts  [lower half of body]                    ha-ban-sin

Foot Sole  [foot bottom]                                bal-ba-dak

Foot Sparring                                                 bal  mat-seo-gi

Footsword                                                     bal-kal

Foot Tackling                                                 bal  geol-gi

Foot Techniques                                           bal  gi-sul

Force                                                             him

Forearm [near the elbow]                            pal-gup  or 


Forearm  [near the wrist]                             pal-mok

Forearm Wedging Block                             pal-mok  he-chyeo  mak-gi

Forefinger                                                     han  son-ga-rak

Forefist                                                          ap  ju-meok

Forehead                                                      i-ma

Fore-knuckle Fist                                         in-ji  ju-meok

Forging                                                         dal-lyeon

Forging Bag                                                 dal-lyeon  ppaek

Forging Post                                                dal-lyeon  ju

Forward Double Step-Turning                   a-peu-ro i-bo  om-gyeo

                                                                              di-dim-yeo  dol-gi

Forward Sliding Punch                               mi-kkeu-reum-bal-lo

                                                                              jji-reu-myeo  na-ga-gi

Forward Stepping                                       na-ga-gi

Forward Step-turning                                  a-peu-ro  om-gyeo  di-di-myeo  dol-gi

Fossa of the Knee                                       o-geum

Foundation                                                   gi-bon

Four                                                               net  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                             sa  [Sino-Korean]

Four-Direction Block                                  Sa-ju Mak-gi  - Pattern exercise

                                                                              practiced by 10th Geup

Four-Direction Kick                                    sa-bang cha-gi

Four-Direction Punch                                 Sa-ju Jji-reu-gi - Pattern exercise

                                                                              practiced by 10th Geup


Four-Direction Thrust                                 Sa-ju Ttul-gi - Pattern exercise

                                                                              practiced by 2nd Geup

Fourth                                                           ne-jjae  [Native Korean]   or 

                                                                              je-sa  [Sino-Korean]

Fourth Dan Pattern                                      Eul-Ji teul

Fourth Dan Pattern                                      Mun-Mu teul

Fourth Dan Pattern                                      Yeon-Gae teul

Fourth Degree Black Belt                           sa-dan

Fourth Geup Pattern                                    Jung-Geun teul

Fourth Grade  [Low Blue Belt]                    sa-geup

Free Sparring                                               ja-yu  mat-seo-gi

Front                                                              ap

Front Block                                                   ap  mak-gi

Front Checking Kick                                    ap  cha-meom-chu-gi

Front Downward Strike                                ap  nae-ryeo  ttae-ri-gi

Front Elbow                                                   ap  pal-gup

Front Elbow Strike                                        ap  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Front Elbow Thrust                                        ap  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Front Kick                                                      ap  cha-gi

Front Leg                                                       ap  da-ri

Front Leg Kick                                              ap  da-ri  cha-gi

Front Piercing Kick                                      ap  cha-jji-reu-gi

Front Punch                                                   ap  jji-reu-gi

Front Punching Kick                                     ap  jji-reu-myeo  cha-gi

Front Pushing Kick                                       ap  cha-mil-gi

Front Rising Kick                                          ap  cha-ol-li-gi

Front Snap Kick  [smashing]                       ap  cha-pu-su-gi

Front Sole                                                      ap-chuk

Front Strike                                                    ap  ttae-ri-gi

Full Facing                                                     on-mom

Fundamental Exercises                               gi-bon  yeon-seup



Go-gu-ryeo Dynasty                                    Go-gu-ryeo  si-dae  (37 B.C. - 668A.D.)

                                                                              [old spelling prior to 2000 was Ko-gu-ryo]

Good-bye. (formal)                                       An-nyeong-hi  ga-sip-si-o .

   [to person(s) who are leaving]

Good-bye. (formal)                                       An-nyeong-hi  gye-sip-si-o .

   [to person(s) who are staying]

Good-bye. (informal)                                    An-nyeong-hi  ga-se-yo .

   [to person(s) who are leaving]

Good-bye. (informal)                                    An-nyeong-hi  gye-se-yo .

   [to person(s) who are staying]

Good morning. Good evening.                   An-nyeong  ha-sim-ni-kka ?

Good afternoon. How are you?

   (formal greeting used any time of day)

Good morning. Good evening.                   An-nyeong  ha-se-yo ?  

Good afternoon. How are you? 

   (informal form of greeting used any time of day)


Good night. (formal)                                     An-nyeong-hi  ju-mu-sip-si-o . 


Good night. (informal)                                  An-nyeong-hi  ju-mu-se-yo .  


Go-ryeo Dynasty                                          Go-ryeo  si-dae  (918 A.D. - 1392)

                                                                              [old spelling prior to 2000 was Ko-ryeo]

Grab  [Grasp]                                               jap-gi

Grade Certificate                                        geup-jeung

Grade - Colored Belt Ranking                   geup

Grading Test                                               sim-sa

Grand Master                                              sa-seong

Grand Master Sir                                        sa-seong-nim

Grasp and Kick                                           but-jap-go  cha-gi

Grasping Block                                           but-ja-ba  mak-gi

Great Absolute                                            tae-geuk

Green Belt                                                   cho-rok  tti

Green Belt with a Blue Stripe                    cho-rok  tti-e   pu-reun  seon

Green Color                                                cho-rok  saek

Groin                                                            sa-ta-gu-ni

Ground Dodging                                         nu-wo  pi-ha-gi

Ground Foot Technique                             nu-wo  bal  gi-sul

Ground Hand Technique                            nu-wo  son  gi-sul

Ground Kick                                                nu-wo  cha-gi

Ground Knee Bending                               nu-wo  mu-reup  gu-bu-ri-gi

Ground Leg Crossing                                nu-wo  da-ri  kko-gi

Ground Punch                                             nu-wo  jji-reu-gi

Ground Strike                                             nu-wo   ttae-ri-gi

Ground Technique                                     nu-wo  gi-sul

Ground Thrust                                             nu-wo  ttul-gi

Guard                                                          dae-bi

Guarding                                                     dae-bi

Guarding Block                                          dae-bi  mak-gi

Gweon-Beop                                              Gweon-Beop

                                                                            [Chinese Martial Art]

Gymnasium                                                do-jang



Half Facing                                                   ban-mom

Hand                                                             son

Hand Techniques                                        son  gi-sul

Hap-Ki-Do                                                    Hap-Ki-Do

                                                                             [Korean Martial Art]

Head                                                             meo-ri

Head-On Attack                                           mat-ba-da  gong-gyeok

Heart                                                             sim-jang

Heaven Hand                                               ha-neul-son

Heaven Hand Stance                                  ha-neul-son  seo-gi

Heel                                                               dwi-kkum-chi

Heel  [back sole]                                          dwi-chuk

Heel  [foot back sole]                                   bal  dwi-kkum-chi

High                                                               no-peun-dae

High Abdomen                                             sang-bok-bu

High Attack                                                   no-peun-dae  gong-gyeok

High Block                                                    no-peun-dae  mak-gi

High Blue Belt  [Third Grade]                     sam-geup

High Elbow Strike                                        no-peun-dae  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

High Elbow Thrust                                       no-peun-dae  pal-gup  ttul-gi

High Green Belt  [Fifth Grade]                   o-geup

High Kick                                                      no-pi  cha-gi

High Level                                                    sang-dan  [Sino-Korean]

High Punch                                                  no-peun-dae  jji-reu-gi

High Red Belt  [First Grade]                      il-geup

High Section                                               no-peun  bu-bun

High Strike                                                  no-peun-dae  ttae-ri-gi

High Thrust                                                  no-peun-dae  ttul-gi

High Twisting Kick                                      no-pi  bi-teu-reo  cha-gi

High White Belt  [Ninth Grade]                   gu-geup

High Yellow Belt  [Seventh Grade]             chil-geup

Hip Joint                                                       eong-deong-i   gwan-jeol

History                                                           yeok-sa

Holding                                                          bat-chi-gi

Hook Kick                                                    geo-reo  cha-gi

Hooking Block                                             geol-cheo  mak-gi

Hooking Kick                                               geol-cheo  cha-gi

Hooking Punch                                            geo-reo   jji-reu-gi

Horizontal Elbow Strike                              su-pyeong  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Horizontal Forearm                                     su-pyeong   pal-mok

Horizontal Forearm Block                          su-pyeong  pal-mok  mak-gi

Horizontal Punch                                         su-pyeong   jji-reu-gi

Horizontal Strike                                         su-pyeong  ttae-ri-gi

Horizontal Striking Kick                              su-pyeong  ttae-ri-myeo   cha-gi

Horizontal Thrust                                         su-pyeong  ttul-gi

Horizontal Wave                                          su-pyeong  pa-do

Humanity                                                      in-gan-mi

Humerus                                                      sang-bak-gol

Humility                                                        gyeom-son

Hwa Rang Do                                             Hwa-Rang-Do

                                                                            [Korean Martial Art]

Hwa-Rang Code of Ethics                        Hwa-rang-Do



I am sorry.                                                    Mi-an  ham-ni-da .

Incorrect                                                        teul-lim

Indomitable Spirit                                        baek-jeol bul-gul 

Injury                                                              bu-sang

Inner                                                              an

Inner Ankle Joint                                          an  bal-mok  gwan-jeol

Inner Block                                                   an-jjok  mak-gi

Inner Forearm  [at the wrist]                       an  pal-mok

Inner-Forearm Block                                  an  pal-mok  mak-gi

Inner Open Ready Stance                         an pal-ja jun-bi seo-gi

Inner Open Stance                                     an pal-ja seo-gi

Inner Tibia                                                    an  gyeong-gol

Inside  [area]                                               an-jjok

Inside Block                                                 an  mak-gi  or 

                                                                          an-jjok  mak-gi

Inside Thigh                                                  an-jjok  heo-beok-da-ri


Instantaneous Attack                                   jeuk-si  gong-gyeok

Instep                                                            bal-deung

Instructor Classification                              sa-beom  bu-ryu

Instructor - Teacher                                     sa-beom

Instructor Sir - Teacher Sir                         sa-beom-nim

Integrity                                                         yeom-chi  or 


Intercostal Nerve                                         neuk-gol sin-gyeong

International                                                 guk-je

International Taekwon-Do Federation      Guk-je  Tae-kwon-Do  Yeon-maeng

Inward                                                           an-eu-ro

Inward Block                                                an-eu-ro  mak-gi

Inward Cross-cut                                         an-eu-ro  geut-gi

Inward Kick                                                  an-eu-ro  cha-gi

Inward Strike                                                an-eu-ro  ttae-ri-gi

Inward Vertical Kick                                    an-eu-ro  se-wo  cha-gi



Jaw                                                                teok

Ji-Do  Kwan                                                 Ji-Do Kwan

                                                                             [Korean Martial Art]

Joint                                                              gwan-jeol

Jo-seon  si-dae  Dynasty                           Jo-seon  si-dae  (1392 - 1910)                                                                 (old spelling prior to 2000 was Cho-son  si-dae)

Judge                                                           bu-sim

Jumping to Evade                                      ttwi-gi

Junior                                                           hu-bae



Karate                                                          Ka-ra-te

                                                                             [Japanese Martial Art]


Kick  or  Kicking                                          cha-gi  or 

                                                                             Tae  [Sino-Korean]

Kick - Backward Stepping                         cha-myeo  deu-reo  o-gi

Kick - Forward Stepping                            cha-myeo  na-ga-gi

Kick while Grasping                                    but-jap-go  cha-gi

Kidney                                                          kong-pat

Knee                                                            mu-reup

Knee Joint                                                   mu-reup  gwan-jeol

Kneel  [sit down]                                         an-jeo

Knife                                                            kal

Knifehand                                                   son-kal

Knifehand Block                                        son-kal  mak-gi

Knifehand Strike                                        son-kal  ttae-ri-gi

Knifehand Wedging Block                        son-kal  he-chyeo  mak-gi

Knuckle Fist                                                son-ga-rak ju-meok

Knuckle Fist Punch                                    son-ga-rak ju-meok jji-reu-gi

Koguryo Dynasty                                        Go-gu-ryeo si-dae

  [old spelling prior to 2000]                                (37 B.C. - 668A.D.)

Koryo Dynasty                                            Go-ryeo si-dae

  [old spelling prior to 2000 was Ko-ryeo]          (918 A.D. - 1392)


Lead Leg                                                      ap-da-ri

Lead Leg Kick                                             ap-da-ri  cha-gi

Left                                                                oen

Left Arm                                                        oen  pal

Left Foot                                                       oen  bal

Left Hand                                                      oen  son

Left Leg                                                        oen  da-ri

Left Side  [direction]                                   oen-jjok

Left Stance                                                  oen  seo-gi

Leg                                                               da-ri

Leg Stretching                                            da-ri  pyeo-gi

Life Energy  [in Sino-Korean]                    gi

Lifting                                                           deul-gi

Line                                                              seon

Line Up                                                       chung-neol  or

                                                                          jul-lo  seo

Lips                                                              ip-sul

Liver                                                             gan-jang

Long Fist                                                      gin  ju-meok

Long Fist Punch                                          gin  ju-meok  jji-reu-gi

Low                                                               na-jeun-dae

Low Attack                                                   na-jeun-dae  gong-gyeok

Low Block                                                    na-jeun-dae  mak-gi

Low Blue Belt  [Fourth Grade]                   sa-geup

Low Green Belt  [Sixth Grade]                   yuk-geup

Low Kick                                                      na-jeun-dae  cha-gi

Low Level                                                    ha-dan

Low Part  [body]                                          a-rae  bu-bun

Low Punch                                                   na-jeun-dae  jji-reu-gi

Low Red Belt  [Second Grade]                  i-geup

Low Section                                                na-jeun  bu-bun

Low Stance                                                 nat-chweo seo-gi

Low Strike                                                   na-jeun-dae  ttae-ri-gi

Low Thrust                                                   na-jeun-dae  ttul-gi

Low White Belt  [Tenth Grade]                  sip-geup

Low Yellow Belt  [Eighth Grade]               pal-geup

Lower Abdomen                                        ha-bok-bu

L-Ready Stance                                         ni-eun-ja jun-bi seo-gi

L-Stance                                                     ni-eun-ja seo-gi

L-Stance High Block                                 ni-eun-ja  seo  no-peun-dae  mak-gi

Luring Block                                               yu-in  mak-gi



Mandible Bone                                             ha-ak-gol [Sino-Korean]

Mandibula                                                     teok gwan-jeol

Martial Art                                                    mu-sul

Mass                                                             jil-lyang

Master Instructor                                          sa-hyeon

   - Senior Teacher

Master Instructor Sir                                    sa-hyeon-nim

   - Senior Teacher Sir

Mastoid                                                        hu-i-bu

Match                                                           gyeo-ru-gi  or  si-hap

Maxilla Bone                                                sang-ak-gol

Median Nerve                                              jung-gan sin-gyeong

Meditate                                                       mung-nyeom

Mid-Air Kick [jump-rotating]                        ttwi-yeo dol-myeo cha-gi

Mid-Air Punch [jump-rotating]                     ttwi-yeo dol-myeo jji-reu-gi

Mid-Air Strike [jump-rotating]                     ttwi-yeo dol-myeo ttae-ri-gi

Mid-Air Techniques [jump-rotating]           ttwi-yeo dol-myeo gi-sul

Mid-Air Thrust [jump-rotating]                     ttwi-yeo dol-myeo ttul-gi

Middle                                                           ga-un-dae

Middle Attack                                               ga-un-dae gong-gyeok

Middle Block                                                ga-un-dae mak-gi

Middle Finger                                               jung-ji

Middle Kick                                                  ga-un-dae cha-gi

Middle Knuckle Fist                                     jung-ji ju-meok

Middle Level [in Sino-Korean]                    jung-dan

Middle Punch                                               ga-un-dae jji-reu-gi

Middle Section                                            ga-un-dae bu-bun

Middle Strike                                               ga-un-dae ttae-ri-gi

Middle Thrust                                               ga-un-dae ttul-gi

Mirror                                                            geo-ul

Model Sparring                                           mo-beom mat-seo-gi

Moral Culture                                               jeong-sin su-yang

Motion                                                          dong-jak

Mountain                                                      san

Mountain Climbing                                     deung-san

Movement                                                   dong-jak

Mu Duk Kwan                                             Mu-Duk Kwan

                                                                            [Korean Martial Art] 

Muscle                                                        geun-yuk



National Flag                                               guk-gi

Neck                                                             mok

Neck Artery [Carotid]                                 mok dong-maek

Nerve                                                           sin-gyeong

Nine                                                              a-hop  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                             gu  [Sino-Korean]

Nine-Shape Block                                       gu-ja  mak-gi

Ninth                                                              a-hop-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                             je-gu  [Sino-Korean]

Ninth Degree Black Belt                             gu-dan

Ninth Geup Pattern                                      Cheon-Ji teul

Ninth Grade [High White Belt]                    gu-geup

No (formal)                                                   a-ni-o

Nose                                                             ko



Obverse                                                        ba-ro

Obverse Punch                                            ba-ro jji-reu-gi

Occipital Bone                                             hu-du-gol

Occiput                                                         hu-du-bu


O  Do  Kwan                                                 O-Do Kwan

                                                                              [Korean Martial Art]

One                                                               ha-na  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                             il [Sino-Korean]

One-Leg Stance                                          oe-bal seo-gi

One-Step Sparring                                      il-bo mat-seo-gi

One-Way Three-Step Sparring                  han-jjok sam-bo mat-seo-gi

One-Way Two-Step Sparring                     han-jjok i-bo mat-seo-gi

Open Fist                                                      pyeon ju-meok

Open-Fist Punch                                          pyeon ju-meok jji-reu-gi

Open Ready Stance                                    pal-ja jun-bi seo-gi

Open Stance                                                pal-ja seo-gi

Outer                                                             ba-kkat

Outer Open Ready Stance                         ba-kkat pal-ja jun-bi seo-gi

Outer Open Stance                                     ba-kkat pal-ja seo-gi

Outside                                                         ba-kkat

Outside Ankle Joint                                     ba-kkat bal-mok gwan-jeol

Outside Block                                              ba-kkat mak-gi

Outside Forearm                                         ba-kkat pal-mok

Outside Tibia [fibula]                                   ba-kkat gyeong-gol

Outward                                                        bak-keu-ro

Outward Block                                             bak-keu-ro mak-gi

Outward Cross-cut                                      bak-keu-ro geut-gi

Outward Kick                                               bak-keu-ro cha-gi

Outward Strike                                             bak-keu-ro ttae-ri-gi

Outward Vertical Kick                                 bak-keu-ro se-wo cha-gi

Overlap Backhand                                      po-gaen son-deung



Paekje Dynasty                                           Baek-je  si-dae

   [old spelling prior to 2000]                              (18 B.C. - 663 A.D.)

Palm [hand bottom]                                     son-ba-dak

Palm-Heel                                                    pa-tang-son

Parallel Block                                              na-ran-hi mak-gi

Parallel Ready Stance                               na-ran-hi jun-bi seo-gi

Parallel Stance                                           na-ran-hi seo-gi

Parallel Stance with a Heaven Hand        na-ran-hi seo ha-neul-son

Parallel Stance with a Twin Side Elbow   na-ran-hi seo ssang-yeop pal-dung

Parallel Stance with an                               na-ran-hi seo po-gaen son-deung

Overlapped Backhand   


Parallel Stance with an X-Backhand        na-ran-hi seo gyo-cha son-deung

Pardon me.                                                  Sil-lye ham-ni-da .

Patella                                                          seul-gae-gol

Pattern                                                          teul

Pattern [Old ITF term]                                 hyeong

Patterns system named                             Chang-Hon 

    for General Choi Hong Hi

Perseverance                                              in-nae

Philosophy                                                   cheol-hak

Philtrum                                                        in-jung

Pick-Shape Kick                                         gok-gwaeng-i cha-gi

Piercing Kick                                               cha-jji-reu-gi

Pistol                                                             gwon-chong

Point of the Chin                                          mit teok

Pole [staff]                                                    mong-dung-i

Pole Block                                                   mong-dung-i mak-gi

Pole Grasp                                                  mong-dung-i jap-gi

Pole Grasping Block                                  mong-dung-i jap-go mak-gi

Power                                                           him

Practice Pants                                             ba-ji

Practice Shirt                                               jeo-go-ri

Practice Suit [uniform]                                do-bok

Pre-Arranged Free Sparring                     yak-sok ja-yu mat-seo-gi

Pre-Arranged Model Sparring                  yak-sok mo-beom mat-seo-gi

Pre-Arranged One-Step Sparring             yak-sok il-bo mat-seo-gi

Pre-arranged Semi-Free Step-Sparring  yak-sok ban-ja-yu mat-seo-gi

Pre-Arranged Sparring                               yak-sok mat-seo-gi

Pre-Arranged Three-Step Sparring           yak-sok sam-bo mat-seo-gi

Pre-Arranged Two-Step Sparring              yak-sok i-bo mat-seo-gi

Press Finger                                                 ji-ap

Pressing Block                                             nul-leo mak-gi

Pressing Kick                                               nul-leo cha-gi

Pressing X-Fist Block                                 nul-leo gyo-cha ju-meok mak-gi

Promotion Test                                            seung-geup sim-sa

Protective Sparring Equipment                  ho-gu

Pubic Region                                               chi-bu

Public Service                                              sa-hoe bong-sa

Punch or Punching                                       jji-reu-gi

Punch - Backward Stepping                       jji-reu-myeo deu-reo o-gi

Punch - Forward Stepping                          jji-reu-myeo na-ga-gi

Punching Kick                                              jji-reu-myeo cha-gi

   (airborne combination)

Pushing                                                        mil-gi

Pushing Block                                             mi-reo mak-gi

Pushing Kick                                               cha mil-gi

Pushups                                                      mom-tong bat-chim



Quadruple Kick                                           sa-jung cha-gi



Radial Artery                                                maek-bak son-mok dong-maek

Radial Nerve                                                yo-gol sin-gyeong

Radius                                                          yo-gol

Rank                                                             gye-geup

Reaction Force                                           ban-dong-nyeok

Ready                                                           jun-bi

Ready Stance                                             jun-bi seo-gi

Rear Leg                                                     dwit da-ri

Rear-Foot Stance                                      dwit-bal seo-gi

Recorder                                                     gi-rok

Red Belt                                                       ppal-gan tti

Red Belt with a Black Stripe                      ppal-gan tti-e geo-meun seon

Red Color                                                    ppal-gan saek

Referee                                                        ju-sim

Reflex                                                           ba-neung

Reflex Kick                                                  ban-sa cha-gi

Return [to a ready                                       ba-ro

   or previous position]

Reverse                                                       ban-dae

Reverse Footsword                                   bal-kal deung

Reverse Knifehand                                    son-kal deung

Reverse Punch                                           ban-dae jji-reu-gi

Reverse Turning Kick                                ban-dae dol-lyeo cha-gi

Reverse Turning Techniques                    ban-dae dol-lyeo gi-sul

Rib                                                               neuk-gol [Sino-Korean]

Right                                                            o-reun

Right Arm                                                    o-reun pal

Righteousness                                            jeong-ui

Right Foot                                                   o-reun bal

Right Hand                                                  o-reun son

Right Leg                                                    o-reun da-ri

Right Side [direction]                                 o-reun-jjok

Right Stance                                               o-reun seo-gi

Rising                                                          ol-li-gi

Rising Block                                               chu-kkyeo mak-gi

Rising Kick                                                 cha-ol-li-gi

Roll or Rolling                                             gul-leu-gi

Rules                                                           gyu-jeong



Salute  [bow]                                            gyeong-nye

Salute the (National) Flag                           guk-gi-e  dae-ha-yeo  gyeong-nye

Sang  Mu  Kwan                                       Sang-Mu Kwan

                                                                [Korean Martial Art]

Saw-Tooth Wave                                      tom-nal  pa-do

School  [founding location]                    kwan [Sino-Korean]

Sciatic Nerve                                            jwa-gol  sin-gyeong

Scooping Block                                         tteu-reo  mak-gi

Second                                                     dul-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     je-i  [Sino-Korean]

Second Dan Pattern                                  Chung-Jang teul

Second Dan Pattern                                  Eui-Am teul 

Second Dan Pattern                                  Ju-Che teul

Second Dan Pattern                                  Go-Dang teul 

Second Degree Black Belt                         i-dan

Second Geup Pattern                                Hwa-Rang teul

Second Geup Pattern exercise                   Sa-ju Ttul-gi

Second Grade  [Low Red Belt]                  i-geup

Section of the Body                                   mom  bu-bun

Section of the Body                                   mom-ttung  bun

Self Control                                              geuk-gi

Self Defense                                             ho-sin-sul

Semi-Free Sparring                                   ban-ja-yu  mat-seo-gi

Senior                                                      seon-bae

Separate the Fighters  [break]                   gal-lyeo

Seven                                                       il-gop  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     chil  [Sino-Korean]

Seventh                                                    il-gop-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     je-chil  [Sino-Korean]

Seventh Degree Black Belt                        chil-dan

Seventh Geup Pattern                               Do-San teul

Seventh Grade  [High Yellow Belt]              chil-geup

Shifting                                                     om-gyeo

Shifting Feet Quickly  [dodging]                  ja-jeun-bal

Shifting Feet Quickly - Stepping                  ja-jeun-bal  om-gyeo  di-di-gi

Shifting the Body by Moving Both Feet        mi-kkeu-reom  bal

Shilla Dynasty                                           Sil-la si-dae

   [old spelling prior to 2000]                            (57 B.C. - 935 A.D.)

Shin                                                         jeong-gang-i

Shoulder                                                   eo-kkae

Shoulder Joint                                           eo-kkae  gwan-jeol

Shout                                                       gi-hap

Side                                                         yeop  or 

                                                                   yeop  gu-ri

Side  [flank, lateral]                                   cheuk-myeon

Side Back Strike                                       yeop  dwit  ttae-ri-gi

Side Back Thrust                                       yeop  dwit  ttul-gi

Side Block                                                yeop  mak-gi

Side Checking Kick                                    yeop  cha-meom-chu-gi

Side Cross-Cut                                         yeop  geut-gi

Side Downward Strike                               yeop  nae-ryeo  ttae-ri-gi

Side Elbow                                               yeop  pal-gup

Side Elbow Thrust                                     yeop  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Side Facing                                              yeop-mom

Side Fist                                                   yeop  ju-meok

Side Foot Sole  [bottom]                            yeop  bal-ba-dak

Side Front Block                                       yeop  ap  mak-gi

Side Front Kick                                         yeop  ap  cha-gi

Side Front Punch                                       yeop  ap  jji-reu-gi

Side Front Pushing Kick                             yeop  ap  cha-mil-gi

Side Front Snap Kick  [smashing]               yeop  ap  cha-bu-su-gi

Side Front Strike                                       yeop  ap  ttae-ri-gi

Side Front Thrust                                      yeop  ap  ttul-gi

Side Instep                                               yeop  bal-deung

Side Jaw                                                  yeop  teok

Side Kick                                                  yeop  cha-gi

Side Knee                                                 yeop  mu-reup

Side Piercing Kick                                     yeop  cha-jji-reu-gi

Side Punch                                               yeop  jji-reu-gi

Side Punching Kick                                    yeop jji-reu-myeo cha-gi

   [airborne combination]

Side Pushing Kick                                      yeop  cha-mil-gi

Side Rising Kick                                        yeop  cha-ol-li-gi

Side Strike                                                yeop  ttae-ri-gi

Side Thrust                                               yeop  ttul-gi

Side Thrusting Kick                                    yeop  cha-ttul-gi

Side Turning Kick                                      yeop  dol-lyeo  cha-gi

Side Vertical Punch                                   yeop  se-wo  jji-reu-gi

Silla Dynasty                                             Sil-la  si-dae  (57 B.C. - 935 A.D.)                                                                     [old spelling prior to 2000 was Shilla]

Sine Wave                                                hwal-deung  pa-do

Single Elbow Strike                                   oe  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Single Elbow Thrust                                   oe  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Single Finger Spear  [thrust]                       han  son-ga-rak  ttul-gi

Single Fist                                                oe  ju-meok

Single Side Elbow Strike                            oe  yeop  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Single Side Elbow Thrust                           oe  yeop  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Single Stepping                                         il-bo  om-gyeo  di-di-gi

Single Straight Forearm                             oe  seon  pal-mok

Single Straight Forearm Block                    oe  seon  pal-mok  mak-gi

Single Straight Knifehand                           oe  seon  son-kal

Single Straight Knifehand Block                  oe  seon  son-kal  mak-gi

Sir                                                            nim  [when added as a                                                                   suffix   e.g., sa-beom-nim]


Sit Down  [kneel]                                       an-jeo

Sitting Ready Stance                                 an-neun jun-bi seo-gi

Sitting Stance                                           an-neun seo-gi

Sitting Stance Punch                                  an-neun  seo  jji-reu-gi

Six                                                           yeo-seot  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     yuk  [Sino-Korean]

Sixth                                                         yeo-seot-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     je-yuk  [Sino-Korean]

Sixth Dan Pattern                                      Tong-il teul

Sixth Degree Black Belt                             yuk-dan

Sixth Geup Pattern                                    Won-Hyo teul

Sixth Grade  [Low Green Belt]                   yuk-geup

Skip Kick                                                  deu-reo-ga-myeo  cha-gi

Skip Punch                                               deu-reo-ga-myeo  jji-reu-gi

Skip Strike                                                deu-reo-ga-myeo  ttae-ri-gi

Skip Thrust                                               deu-reo-ga-myeo  ttul-gi

Skipping Techniques                                  deu-reo-ga-myeo  gi-sul

Skull                                                         du-gae-gol

Slide  or  Sliding                                        mi-kkeul-gi

Sliding the Feet to Cover Long Distances    o-myeo  mi-kkeul-gi

Slow Motion                                              neu-rin  dong-jak

Small of the Back                                      gyeong-chu

Smashing                                                 bu-su-gi

Snap Kick  [smashing]                               cha-bu-su-gi

Solar Plexus                                             myeong-chi

Sorry                                                        Mi-an  ham-ni-da

Sparring                                                   dae-ryeon  or 


Sparring System                                       mat-seo-gi  je-do

Spear Hand                                              pyeon  son-kkeut

Speed                                                      sok-do

Speed and Reflex                                      sok-do-wa  ba-neung

Spinal Chord  [nerve]                                 cheok-chu  sin-gyeong

Spine                                                       cheok-ju

Spleen                                                      bi-jang

Sponge Pad                                              seu-pon-ji  be-gae

Spot Block                                                geu-ja-ri  mak-gi

Spot Kick                                                  geu-ja-ri  cha-gi

Spot Punch                                               geu-ja-ri  jji-reu-gi

Spot Strike                                               geu-ja-ri  ttae-ri-gi

Spot Thrust                                               geu-ja-ri  ttul-gi

Spot Turning                                             geu-ja-ri  dol-gi

Staff  [pole]                                              mong-dung-i

Stamping Kick                                           cha-bap-gi

Stamping Motion                                       gu-reu-neun  dong-jak

Stance                                                     seo-gi

Start                                                        si-jak

Static Stability                                           jeong-jeok  an-jeong

Stepping                                                   di-di-gi

Stepping and Shifting                                 om-gyeo  di-di-gi

Stepping and Shifting Foot Changing           om-gyeo  di-di-myeo  ja-jeun-bal

Stepping and Shifting Turn                         om-gyeo  di-di-myeo  dol-gi

Sternum                                                   hyung-gol

Stop                                                         geu-man

Straight                                                    seon

Straight Elbow                                          seon  pal-gup

Straight Elbow Thrust                                seon  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Straight Fingertip                                       seon  son-keut

Straight Forearm                                       seon  pal-mok

Straight Forearm Block                              seon  pal-mok  mak-gi

Straight Kick                                             jji-geo  cha-gi

Straw Pad                                                jip  be-gae

Stretching                                                 pyeo-gi

Strike  or  Striking Technique                       ttae-ri-gi

Strike - Backward Stepping                       ttae-ri-myeo  deu-reo  o-gi

Strike - Forward Stepping                          ttae-ri-myeo  na-ga-gi

Strong                                                      gang-han

Student                                                    je-ja

Student/Instructor Relationship                   sa-je  ji-do

Su Bak Gi                                                 Su-Bak-Gi

                                                                [Ancient Korean Martial Art]

Sub-Referee                                             bu-sim

Sweeping Kick                                          sseu-reo  cha-gi

System of Ranking                                    dan-geup  je-do

System of Sparring                                   mat-seo-gi  je-do



Tae  Kyeon                                               Tae-Kyeon

                                                                [Ancient Korean Martial Art]

Taekwon-Do                                             Tae-kwon-Do

                                                                [Korean Martial Art]

Tang  Su  Do                                         Tang-Su-Do 

                                                                [Korean Martial Art]

Tang  Su  Do  Mu  Duk  Kwan                      Tang-Su-Do Mu-Duk Kwan

                                                                [Korean Martial Art]

Technique                                                 dong-jak  or 


Temple                                                     no-ri

Temporal Bone                                         cheuk-du-gol

Temporo-Mandibular Joint                         gwan-ja-no-ri

Ten                                                          yeol  [Native Korean]  or  

                                                                     sip  [Sino-Korean]

Tendon                                                     him-jul

Tenets                                                      jeong-sin

Tenth                                                       yeol-jjae  [Native Korean]  or  

                                                                     je-sip  [Sino-Korean]

Tenth Degree Black Belt                            sip-dan

Tenth Geup Pattern exercise                      Sa-ju Jji-reu-gi

Tenth Geup Pattern exercise                      Sa-ju Mak-gi

Tenth Grade  [Low White Belt]                   sip-geup

Test for Rank Promotion                            sim-sa

Thank you.                                              Go-map seum-ni-da .

   (formal) [Native Korean]


Thank you.                                                Gam-sa  ham-ni-da .

   (formal) [Sino-Korean]


Thank you very much.                                Dae-dan-hi go-map seum-ni-da .

   (formal) [Native Korean]


Thank you very much.                                Dae-dan-hi gam-sa ham-ni-da .

   (formal) [Sino-Korean]


Thats all right. You’re welcome.              Cheon ma-ne-yo .

   Not at all.


Thenar  [thumb knuckle web]                      eom-ji-gu

Theory of Power                                       hi-mui  wol-li

Third                                                        se-jjae  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     je-sam  [Sino-Korean]

Third Dan Pattern                                      Choi-Yeong teul

Third Dan Pattern                                      Sam-il teul

Third Dan Pattern                                      Yu-Sin teul

Third Degree Black Belt                             sam-dan

Third Geup Pattern                                    Toe-Gye teul

Third Grade  [High Blue Belt]                      sam-geup

Three                                                       set  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     sam  [Sino-Korean]

Three-direction Kick                                  sam-bang  cha-gi

Three-Step Sparring                                  sam-bo  mat-seo-gi

Throat                                                      mok-gu-meong

Throw  or  Throwing                                  deon-ji-gi

Thrust  or  Thrusting                                  ttul-gi

Thrust - Backward Stepping                       ttu-reu-myeo  deu-reo  o-gi

Thrust - Forward Stepping                         ttu-reu-myeo  na-ga-gi

Thrusting Kick                                           cha-ttul-gi

Thumb                                                      eom-ji  son-ga-rak

Thumb Joint                                              eom-ji  gwan-jeol

Thumb Knuckle Fist                                   eom-ji  ju-meok

Thumb Knuckle Punch                                eom-ji  ju-meok  jji-reu-gi

Thumb Ridge                                            eom-ji  ba-tang

Tibia                                                         gyeong-gol

Tibial Nerve                                              gyeong-gol  sin-gyeong

Timer                                                       gye-si

Tip                                                           kkeut

Toe                                                          bal-ga-rak

Toe Edge                                                 bal-ga-rak-nal

Toes                                                        bal-kkeut

Toward - "A"                                             "A"  -bang

Toward - "B"                                             "B"  -bang

Toward - "C"                                             "C"  -bang

Toward - "D"                                             "D"  -bang

Training                                                    su-ryeon

Training Aids                                             dal-lyeon  gu

Training Equipment                                    su-ryeon  jang-bi

Training Hall                                              do-jang

Training Schedule                                      su-ryeon  gye-hoek-pyo

Travel                                                       yeo-haeng

Triple Attack                                             sam-jung  gong-gyeok

Triple Kick                                                sam-jung  cha-gi

Triple Punch                                              sam-jung  jji-reu-gi

Triple Stepping                                          sam-bo  om-gyeo  di-di-gi

Triple Strike                                              sam-jung  ttae-ri-gi

Triple Thrust                                             sam-jung  ttul-gi

Trunk of the Body                                      mom-tong

Trust                                                        sin-yong

Turn Around  [about face]                          dwi-ro  do-ra

Turning                                                     dol-gi

Turning Kick                                              dol-lyeo  cha-gi

Turning Punch                                           dol-lyeo  jji-reu-gi

Turtle Ship                                                geo-buk-seon

Twin Backfist                                            ssang  deung  ju-meok

Twin Backhand                                         ssang  son-deung

Twin Elbow                                               ssang  pal-gup

Twin Elbow Thrust                                     ssang  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Twin Fist                                                   ssang  ju-meok

Twin-Foot Kick                                          ssang-bal  cha-gi

Twin Forearm Block                                  ssang  pal-mok  mak-gi

Twin Knifehand                                         ssang  son-kal

Twin Knifehand Block                                ssang  son-kal  mak-gi

Twin Knifehand Strike                                ssang  son-kal  ttae-ri-gi

Twin Palm Rising Block  [hand bottom]       ssang  son-ba-dak  chu-kkyeo  mak-gi

Twin Reverse Knifehand Strike                   ssang  son-kal  deung  ttae-ri-gi

Twin Side Back Elbow Thrust                     ssang  yeop  dwit  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Twin Side Elbow Thrust                             ssang  yeop  pal-gup  ttul-gi

Twin Side Fist                                           ssang  yeop  ju-meok

Twin Straight Forearm                               ssang  seon  pal-mok

Twin Straight Forearm Block                      ssang  seon  pal-mok  mak-gi

Twin Straight Knifehand                             ssang  seon  son-kal

Twin Straight Knifehand Block                    ssang  seon  son-kal  mak-gi

Twisting Kick                                            bi-teu-reo  cha-gi

Two                                                         dul  [Native Korean]  or 

                                                                     i  [Sino-Korean]

Two-Direction Kick                                    i-bang  cha-gi

Two-Step Sparring                                    i-bo  mat-seo-gi

Two-Way Three-Step Sparring                   yang-jjok  sam-bo  mat-seo-gi

Two-Way Two-Step Sparring                     yang-jjok  i-bo mat-seo-gi



Ulna                                                         cheok-gol

Ulnar Nerve                                               cheok-gol  sin-gyeong

Umbilicus                                                  bae-kkob

Umpire                                                     sim-pan

Umpire Classification                                 sim-pan  bu-ryu

Under                                                       a-rae  or 


Under Fist                                                 mit  ju-meok

Under Forearm  [at wrist]                           mit  pal-mok

Uniform  [practice suit]                               do-bok

Upper                                                       wi

Upper Abdomen                                        sang-bok-bu

Upper and Back Elbow Strike                     wi  dwit  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Upper Arm                                                pal-juk-ji

Upper Back                                              gyeon-gap

Upper Elbow                                             wi  pal-gup

Upper Elbow Strike                                   wi  pal-gup  ttae-ri-gi

Upper Jaw                                                wit teok

    [angle of the mandible]

Upper Neck                                              wit  mok

Upset Fingertip                                         dwi-ji-beun  son-kkeut

Upset Flat Fingertip                                   eo-peun  pyeon  son-kkeut

Upset Punch                                             dwi-ji-beo  jji-reu-gi

Upward                                                   ol-lyeo  or 


Upward Block                                           ol-lyeo  mak-gi

Upward Kick                                             ol-lyeo  cha-gi

Upward Punch                                          ol-lyeo  jji-reu-gi

U-Shape Block                                          di-geut-ja  mak-gi  or  mong-dung-i  mak-gi

U-Shape Grasp                                         di-geut-ja  but-jap-gi  or 

                                                                   mong-dung-i  jap-gi

U-Shape Grasping Block                            mong-dung-i  jap-go  mak-gi

U-Shape Punch                                         di-geut-ja  jji-reu-gi

U-Shape Punching Kick                              di-geut-ja  jji-reu-myeo  cha-gi



Vertical Kick                                             se-wo  cha-gi

Vertical Punch                                           se-wo  jji-reu-gi

Vertical Stance                                         su-jik seo-gi

Virtue                                                       mi-deok

Vital Point Attacking                                  geup-so  jji-reu-gi

Vital Spots                                                geup-so



Waist                                                       heo-ri

Waist Block                                              heo-ri  mak-gi

Walking Ready Stance                              geon-neun jun-bi seo-gi

Walking Stance                                         geon-neun seo-gi

Walking Stance Obverse Punch                  geon-neun  seo  ba-ro  jji-reu-gi

Walking Stance Reverse Punch                  geon-neun  seo  ban-dae  jji-reu-gi

Warrior                                                      mu-sa

Warrior Ready Stance                               mu-sa jun-bi seo-gi

Way                                                         Do  [Sino-Korean]

Weak                                                       ya-gan

Wedging Block                                          he-chyeo  mak-gi

White Belt                                                 huin  tti

White Belt with a Yellow Stripe                  huin  tti-e  no-ran  seon

White Color                                              huin  saek

Windpipe                                                  sum-tong

Wisdom                                                    ji-hye

Worldwide                                                se-gye-jeok

Wrist                                                        pal-mok

Wrist                                                        son-mok

Wrist Joint                                                son-mok  gwan-jeol

W-Shape Block                                         san  mak-gi



X-Backhand                                              gyo-cha  son-deung

X-Fist                                                       gyo-cha  ju-meok

X-Fist Block                                              gyo-cha  ju-meok  mak-gi

X-Fist Rising Block                                    gyo-cha  ju-meok  chu-kkyeo  mak-gi

X-Knifehand                                              gyo-cha  son-kal

X-Knifehand Block                                     gyo-cha  son-kal  mak-gi

X-Knifehand Rising Block                           gyo-cha  son-kal  chu-k89kyeo  mak-gi

X-Ready Stance                                        gyo-cha jun-bi seo-gi

X-Stance                                                  gyo-cha seo-gi



Yell                                                          gi-hap

Yellow Belt                                               no-ran  tti

Yellow Belt with a Green Stripe                  no-ran  tti-e  cho-rok  seon

Yellow Color                                             no-ran  saek

Yes                                                          ne

Yes                                                          ye

Yi Dynasty                                                Yi-jo  si-dae  (1392 - 1910)

You’re welcome.  Thats all right.           Cheon ma-ne-yo .

   Not at all.


Yun Mu Kwan                                           Yun-Mu Kwan

                                                                [Korean Martial Art]





Pronunciation of Korean characters

The Korean alphabet has two “o” type character pronunciations which are confusing -- an “o” which is pronounced like the “o” in “rope”, and an “eo” which is pronounced like the “au” in “caught”.

The Korean alphabet has two “u” type character pronunciations which are sometimes confusing --  a “u” which is pronounced like the “oo” in “root”, and an “eu” which is pronounced like the “u” in “cup”.

The Korean alphabet has three “b” or “p” type character pronunciations which are sometimes confusing – a “b” which is pronounced like the “b” in “begin”, a more aspirated “p” which is pronounced like the “p” in “punch”, and a more sharply aspirated “pp” which is pronounced like the “p” in “spill”.

The Korean alphabet has three “j” or “ch” type characters which are sometimes confused in pronunciation – a “j” which is pronounced like the “j” in “judge”, a more aspirated “ch” which is pronounced like the “ch” in “champ”, and a more sharply aspirated “tch” which is pronounced like the “t” in “trick”.

The Korean alphabet has three “d” or “t” type character pronunciations which are sometimes confused in pronunciation – a “d” which is pronounced like the “d” in “dog”, a more aspirated “t” which is pronounced like the “t” in “tackle”, and a more sharply aspirated “tt” which is pronounced like the “t” in “tip”.

The Korean alphabet has three “g” or “k” type characters which are sometimes confused in pronunciation – a “g” which is pronounced like the “g” in “game”, a more aspirated “k” which is pronounced like the “k” in “karma”, and a more sharply aspirated “kk” which is pronounced like the “k” in “skill”.

The Korean alphabet has two “s” type character pronunciations which are sometimes confused in pronunciation – an “s” which is pronounced like the “s” in “sample”, and a sharper “ss” which is pronounced like the “s” in “simple”.

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