Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do


Nomenclature is the written knowledge that a student must study in order to pass the required written test.  The written test is a preparation tool for the oral examination conducted at belt rank promotion testing by Chang Hon Kwan Taekwon-Do.  Below are links to web pages for obtaining specific details on the Chang Hon Kwan nomenclature requirements for belt rank promotion in the art of Taekwon-Do.  To view the nomenclature requirements for promotion to a particular belt rank, click on that rank as indicated below.

9th Geup High White Belt
1st Dan Black Belt
1st Dan
8th Geup Yellow Belt

2nd Dan Black Belt

2nd Dan
7th Geup High Yellow Belt
3rd Dan Black Belt
3rd Dan
6th Geup Green Belt
4th Dan Black Belt
4th Dan
5th Geup High Green Belt
5th Dan Black Belt
5th Dan
4th Geup Blue Belt
6th Dan Black Belt
6th Dan
3rd Geup High Blue Belt
High Blue Belt
7th Dan Black Belt
7th Dan
2nd Geup Red Belt
Red Belt
1st Geup High Red Belt
High Red Belt