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Breaking requirements for promotion to 9th Geup High White Belt:


There are no breaking requirements for 9th Geup High White Belt, however, the Test Board may allow the testing candidates to demonstrate a foot break using the candidate's choice of either the right or left side.  The power break to be demonstrated will be suggested to the test board by the testing candidate.   

The student may choose a technique from the list of choices below as suggestions for their break at testing.  The test board has the prerogative to choose alternative breaks for the testing candidate.  Therefore, it is possible that the testing candidate may perform break(s) other than those suggested to the test board.

The testing candidate should choose techniques from those that they are most familiar with.  Additionally, they should completely understand the correct execution of those techniques.  Therefore, the techniques to be suggested to the test board will consist of selected kicks the testing candidate has learned for their promotion to 9th geup High White Belt.  The possible choices for techniques to be suggested to the test board are:

Front Kick (rear leg from a Walking Stance) - Power         

Side Piercing Kick (to the side from a Sitting Stance) - Power

As stated above, the testing candidate is not required to break for promotion to 9th Geup High White Belt.  In fact, it is only a demonstration, due to the short amount of time the testing candidate has had to fully comprehend the application of their required techniques.  Depending on the student’s size and ability, the testing candidate may not even be allowed to break at this testing. 


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