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Breaking requirements for promotion to 5th Geup High Green Belt:


For promotion to 5th Geup High Green Belt, testing candidates are required to perform several breaks consisting of a combination of both hand and foot, attacks and blocks, while using both the right and left sides.  The candidate will be required to perform both power breaks and technique breaks.  These breaks will be selected from those suggested to the test board by the testing candidate from the list below, and/or will be breaks specified by the test board. 

The student may choose any three (3) techniques from the list below as suggestions for their breaks at testing.  These choices must include one (1) power foot break, one (1) power hand break, and one (1) technique break.  The test board has the prerogative to choose alternative breaks for the testing candidate from among any of the breaking requirements for 6th Geup Low Green Belt and below.  Therefore, it is possible that the testing candidate may perform more than three (3) breaks – which may also include replacement breaks other than those suggested to the test board.

The testing candidate must choose techniques from those that they are most familiar with.  Additionally, they should completely understand the correct execution of those techniques.  Therefore, the techniques to be suggested to the test board will consist of the punches, blocks, thrusts, strikes and kicks learned for their promotion to 6th Geup Low Green Belt.  These techniques will be executed from the specific stances in patterns or kicking instruction from which they were learned.  Depending on the type of technique and the form of its execution, a particular break can be considered a Power break or a Technique break (for options for a particular technique, please discuss with your instructor).  For promotion to 5th Geup High Green Belt, the possible choices for techniques to be suggested to the test board are:

Turning Kick (lead leg, rear leg, lead leg in a stepping motion) - Power

Hook Kick (lead leg, lead leg in a stepping motion - offensive) Technique

High Kick Power/Technique

Side Thrusting Kick - Power

Skip Turning Kick Power

Skip Side Turning Kick Technique

Flying Side Front Kick Power

Sitting Stance middle Side Strike with the Knifehand (outward) - Power

Walking Stance high Side Block with the Outer Forearm (obverse - outward) Power

Walking Stance middle Front Thrust with the Straight Fingertip (obverse) Technique

Walking Stance high Side Strike with the Backfist (obverse - outward) Technique

Walking Stance high Wedging Block with the Outer Forearm Technique

Additional, or alternative breaks requested BY the test board may include ANY breaking requirement listed for 7th Geup High Yellow Belt or Gth geup Low Green Belt – the testing candidate may choose to use either their right or left side for these breaks.  Additional, or alternative breaks may also include breaking with ANY technique listed as a requirement for promotion to 8th Geup Low Yellow Belt and below – the test board will decide whether the student breaks with their right or left side for these breaks. 

It is also expected that skill will increase as the testing candidate matures in size and/or rank.  Therefore, it is assumed that techniques chosen by the test board from previous rank breaking requirements would most likely involve an increase in the number of boards.


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